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Thursday, February 14, 2008
  Sorry about the bugs...
Thanks to all the comment folks who have pointed out all the bugs in the latest version of rssssaver. Right now I'm hovering in between the next beta release and a complete re-write to a 1.0 release.

I'll do my best to hit the critical bugs ASAP.
How did you solve the Vista problems? Did you end up using Flash / DirectX / OpenGL?

(I use Ubuntu, but my wife has this screensaver on her Windows machine - thanks!)
Different texture sizes in OpenGL worked better in Vista. Go figure.
Hi, I'm trying to use it in norway but our special characters å æ ø are just stripped from the feed. Otherwise it looks nice!
I still can't get it to work in Vista.
Hope to see the Vista version soon! This screensaver look awesome, but I can't use it :( !
In August you got rsssaver running under vista. Yet no update ?
Just release a beta to run in vista i want to try it, can't wait a year.
where can i download the source code?
It's still missing portuguese letters, like á ã é õ ç and the respective upper case letters :-(
I like this app, it's actually somewhat convenient compared to having some useless drivel on my monitor's idle time. Just curious if you have any plans to release the code? I would like to take a look what's under the hood and possibly write a few features I personally would like to see added to it.
Please rss feeds are not working.
No Turkish letters :) şiğüöçı ŞİĞÜÖÇ
Vista versione???

it works nice on xp at the time but has a problem with the (Ä,Ü,Ö,ä,ü,ö)
from german rss feed´s
I loved this screensaver (i've been looking for this for a long time!)
But as the previous comments said, it doesn't display some parts of the text (like ã, á, à, etc...) that are largely used in latin-based laguages...
Hope the final version can display that correctly, I'm using it for english rss only, by now.
Has this project offically been abandoned?

Consider releasing the source code?
Where is the lastest working version?
i can only find 0.0.6 which doesn't works on se7en (vista)
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