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Thursday, June 21, 2007
  Vista = Pain in the Ass
After many days of work, I'm starting to realize that OpenGL just won't work in Vista the way I want it to. Options are pretty limited, but it looks like I may explore using Flash to render the text to screen and "warp" the text to get the pseudo 3D look. Since my plan was to start building other visualizations, this would be a huge blow to the visual effect of the project.

The other option is to port to DirectX and If I do that I might as well rewrite it in visual studio. That said development is pretty much at standstill awaiting a solution to these technical concerns.
Sorry to hear about that. I just upgraded to windows vista when I read up on this project. Bad timing, eh?
Hi there, how is every thing?! Your RSS is really cool, I hope you fix Vista problems soon too. I'm not a web developer, that is why I thought you might be able to help me. I'm trying to create an environment to upload my pictures straight to my website, with out changing the source every time. Then I thought it might be possible to upload my pictures to Flickr and the use a RSS reader to show them in my webpage. I have sadly failed till this moment and will be grateful if you give me a hand with it. I will appreciate any other ideas you think may help and look forward to hearing form you.
my email address is:

Thanks and cheers!
hey men...
i've been know your SS when i looking for apple's version alternative for windows... congratulations... i'm thinking to create a flah verion of this SS... what to u think?

erick (dot) xavier (at) googlemail

Flash would be a better/more compatible tool for the job. have at it!
First congratulations !!!
It's a really great job you have done there!
I have few questions :
Did you stop development for Xindows XP ?
Is it possible to correct european code (french characters for example "é" and "è" are not displayed correctly).
did you plan a add a function which will permit to have access to the entire article?
Timing display option?

Plz don't make me buy a Mac to have a decent rss screensaver ;)

Best Regards,
Oh by the way I forgot the " ' " character which is very used in french
ex: l'école (school)
l'écrivain (writer)
l'énergie (power)

Thanks again for your great job...
Paypal is not so far ;)
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