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Sunday, February 18, 2007
  Bad Vista!
Well, Vista does not support OpenGL in the way I've been using it to display the preview and the full-up screen saver. I don't think all hope is lost just yet, I just need to get my developent environment setup and working in Vista.

Wanna see a Vista error?

The good news is some of my older software (like this mingolf game designed originally for Windows 98) is appearing to work without updates...
Hi, I'm getting a strobe-like flicker when viewing your screensaver in fullscreen. I'm using an S3 Graphics Pro SavageDDR with the latest drivers.

The flicker looks like a clipping problem... I tried to take a screenshot but it didn't come out so I've tried to draw over this screenshot to show what it looks like. As you can see it's not over the whole screen and it looks like spheres intersecting (the black lines that I've scribbled over are the edges of the flicker)
Here's the drawing,
Nice drawing... :)

I'm sure it's a distance issue. I'll play with the scaling in the next version...
the screensaver looks awesome, and
exactly what I've been looking for
some time. But I'm using estonian
language in regional and language
setting, and the rsssaver doesn't
like that. It says that Characters are too large etc or too many...
If I change the language to english it works fine. Is it possible to get
it working using estonian?
We have some special letters like ü,ö and õ.

Thank you for your work
To the S3 user, the problem is gonna just be S3. They use their own proprietary drivers and set up that are compatible with NOTHING.

Any plans to launch a commercial application of rsssaver? I'd be interested to chat to you about it.

Have same error as vista on WinXP with geforce 7600.
Interesting. I'll have a look into it...
The US version of Vista is exactly the same as the UK version. There is no difference. Therefore I can see no reason for there to be such a huge difference in prices between the UK and the US other than Microsofts belief that the UK customers will pay more than their US counterparts.
Viral marketing
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