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Thursday, June 15, 2006
  Maintance Release 0.0.4
A quick bug fix is available that fixes a popup box that could occur when a feed URL retuns a 404 error. Now rsssaver will display the offending URL and report the error.

Download the new version here.
Hi! Thanks for a promising piece of software. However, i have an Intel graphics card, and OpenGL is automatically shut off for screensavers - making it render VERY slowly.

However, there's a simple work-around. Apperently, if the screensaver is called .sCr and not .scr, it works just fine.

I tried to find the rsssaver.scr file after installation to rename it but couldn't. Can you tell me where it is? Or change the filename in the installation package?

More information from Intel:

About the work-around:


/ Jonathan
The screensaver is stored in the Windows System directory which is likely to be C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 on most systems.

I'll look at adding an installation option for Intel Graphics boards to rename the file.

Great catch and thanks!
Wow! Thank you for the quick feedback and patch! Everything works great now with the new version!

/ Jonathan
I added a little flag to the installer to allow users to "patch" the screen saver for this issue.

Version 0.0.4a is in the download section.
Yeah, I grabbed the new version and installed it.

One other thing - though I'm sure you know: support for international character tables? I'm Swedish, and we have three letters of our own, and they fail to display correctly. Just thought I'd let you know.

Really, this is great! I've been looking for something like this since my girlfriend got her new mac and showed me the RSS-screensaver in OS X. Finally, I can challenge her! :)

/ Jonathan
That makes sense...

I'm not exporting the full character set to save texture memory. I'll have to see what the most popular foreign characters are and add them to the rendered character list.
Ah, I see! Well, if you ever do it, think of me and export Å, Ä and Ö :)

By the way - when i try to use the screensaver with New York Times, it says that it can't find the file - but the url is correct. Do you know why?

Also, is there any way to "click" on a piece of news and make it open in a browser?

Thanks again!

/ Jonathan
I can probably make some kind of determination of what characters are used. I'll look into it...

I'll see what's up with the Times as well.

In the next version i'll have a user defined keypress launch the feed in the default browser. Something like "c" for current story, "l" for last story.
I searched with google for something like this, but finally found it at
This screensaver is great, waiting for the hotkey to open the news (and maybe another one for changing the feed?!)...

Thank you for doing this so far!
Good idea. I haven't messed with updates in a while, I should add some new stuff...
pressing a hotkey to display the item would be brilliant, but prefer it in the screensaver rather than in a browser - and then a key press to continue. this is a beautiful piece of software. found it after seeing rss visualizer on a mac. well done!!!!!
As Jonathan said:
When feed contents characters out of latin alphabet (in Polish ą, ę, ń etc) it doesn't display it. Would be nice to have possibility to changing font used in so we can choose good codepage.
It's not the font, it's the exported characters to the 3D display. I'm working on a solution where you can add other characters for your language to the 3D font.
Other methods of display would be nifty as well, as the zoom in makes it difficult to read for about 50% of the display time. If instead you just had it fade in and fade out as an option, that would most likely be more functional. All in all, really nifty program, thank you.

App looks cool, I saw the Apple rss and wanted one for my silly windows box. I tried installing it on Vista and got these error messages when trying to open the screen saver control panel.

Characters are too large or too many. Unable to create font texture.

Then on close
system Error. Code:1400 Invalid window handle.

This error continued to pop up 10-15 times got tired of it and used task manager to end the rsssaver application.
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