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Friday, April 28, 2006
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System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP, Hardware Accelerated OpenGL of some sort, the fonts Tahoma and Wingdings still installed, and a few good feeds.
Cool stuff man!
Really Nice Work Man. I think it would be nice to have the option to randomly display entries from multiple feeds instead of the timed display of single feeds. I hope this isn't really hard to do.
yeah, shuffle would be really nice!
i've been jealous of the mac screensaver for years.

not anymore!
Nice, works well. Let us know if you have plans to display in-blog images as well.

Images are on the list of things to do, but since my development system has switched to Vista, I have to get those vista bugs working. :)
I love this! Finally an RSS screensaver for windows that looks good. My only suggestion is multiple monitor support, even just mirroring.

Keep up the good work!
Looks great man! One thing i´d like to see is support for special characters, i.e umlaut: åäö ÅÄÖ å ä ö... Its handy for reading Swedish blogs ;-)
I am from germany and agree with my swedish pre-poster. would be nice to have special characters. Should be enough I believe if your saver supports unicode characters. Additionaly I would love to have an animated background like on OS X saver. Thanks a lot for your saver anyhow. I use it for 2 minutes and already love it^^
What can I do about:
"Characters are too large or too many. Unable to create font texture."?
same here, Im from Quebec and I read French blogs. All the accent are very important to understand what is written. Is there a way to fix that?
please bring it to linux !!!
great idea, but its too slow. fire rocket up its ass!
any chance it could work on multi display?

Btw i got lot of runtime errors with XP even reentering ur own feeds
Looks great! Will there be a port for Linux?
why do i get " characters are too large or to many"?
Still not working in vista. Thought there was a working version, why not release. Many people waiting for it. :(
Thanks a lot for this nice screen saver.

Could you please add UTF-8 support?

Currently I am not able to see indic languages? (Hindi)

I just want something simple that can be gently ignored when not important. Can you make an option to simply display the RSS articles slideshow-style? The zoom thing is neat the first time, but does not age well.

BTW, thanks for doing this stuff for free. Wish I could code and tailor-make my own things.
Really amazing !!
One of the best screensaver on the internet !
Just one thing: make the same for mac users and you'll be famous !!!!!!!
Could you have a setting to turn off the movement of text since it is so distracting and you have to wait for the text to zoom to a large enough size to read from a distance.

Thanks and keep up the good work
i love your screensaver, but you know :S i used to have an nvidia vcard but since it died, i had to switch to the integrated display and it is so slow (intel) :S too bad i can't used it right now, i really like it!
Nice implementation. However, there is a need to provide multi monitor support.
not work at 2003 r2 :(
Warning to XP SP3 users - This screensaver does not work properly in the preview dialog - it spawns multiple copies of itself, each chewing a large lump of your CPU :(

Unusable until that is fixed.

I loaded your software on my Windows 7 computer. When I put my link in

I get a erorr saying Characters are too large or to many. Unable to crete font texture.
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