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Tuesday, March 28, 2006
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This site is the future home of rsssaver -- the rss screen saver for windows. Currently in closed beta, rsssaver will preview RSS feeds from the net and visualize them during your computer's "inactive" time.

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rsssaver is built using Delphi 5, GlScene, FastStrings (I owe that guy a postcard), InnoSetup, and not much else. Pretty soon I'll drop Delphi and make the move to Free Pascal so the entire project will use free software.
Free Pascal needs tons of work to get a serviceable screensaver module that works on Windows/OSX.

That could be a bigger project than this :)
Does it support multiple monitor setups on XP?
> Does it support multiple monitor
> setups on XP?

Not yet, but I'm working on it.
Could you allow display times less than 3 min and have 0 min display each item in a feed before moving on to the next feed? i.e. a feed with one item would scroll by once then move on to the next feed. Also a speed adjustment in the settings to adjust the flyby speed would be cool.

The problem you noted with foreign chars might be in the font(just a guess)

cool project! keep up the fine work.
Currently I'm not using a cache for the feeds, so I'm trying to take it easy on the servers by maximizing the time between server calls. Many have asked for random feeds, so I should start exploring a cache.

The speed adjustment is a great idea. That will certainly make it in the next version.

The font i'm using is Tahmoma--shoud have everything needed for most languages.
Nice job!

European characters solved with WebClient.Encoding = System.Text.Encoding.UTF8;
Or simular???

First: I love your screensaver.
But i have a problem using it under windows vista. Only an errormessage pops up saying the characters are too many or too big so the font cant be used.
Hope it will be fixed soon. :)
I use mac and pc, i think this is the only rss screensaver like the rss visualizzer for mac! GREAT JOB ..the only thing to adjust is the SPEED , with this speed the news are unreadable!
ciao ciao
Chaucer School, Sheffield, UK

We love this screen saver, we use it on all our PCs in school, pulling a feed from our web server, displaying up-to-date information and news for our students.

But I have some information screen around the school that only need the screensaver at certain times.
Is there any way to schedule when it switches on and off?

Thanks great work.
I've never used it, but this sounds like it would fit the bill...
nice work ....good stuff

multiple monitor support plz!!
font settings would be nice too
Time / Weather / Stox... plug ins
Hey - love the screensaver - I'd like to somehow work together/bundle it with Touchstone ( maybe (if it gets further along).

Drop me a line -

Can I display Flickr photos?
Images are on the list of things to do, but since my development system has switched to Vista, I have to get those vista bugs working. :)
Hi, just tested the screesaver with a german RSS feed,5291,,00.xml

Her you can see that german umlaut ä ö ü are not displayed. I can only speculate where the problemlies, perhaps the font cannot display the umlauts. I hop this is a minor fix because the screensaver is already very good.
In addition to other comments on options to adjust speed...
Perhaps the ability for VARIABLE SPEED, where the speed of text can be faster as its approaching, but slows down as its near and in full view.
Really nice Screensaver! I like it. But have some ideas: 1. Adjust Speed has been said. 2. Set Font (because of öäüß), Font-Size (with automatic-option), Font-Color. 3. Would be nice, if it could display only the X latest RSS-Entries. 4. When hitting Spacebar the URL should be opened in the Standardbrowser. 5. Set time of update. Currently it's only updated at Start of the Screensaver? Did I say it's really nice :)
hi, i'd like to see the rss feeds in some LED display such as the one used by the stock market(scroll mode). I think it's a bit annoying the zoomed mode of the RSS zooming in. Have different display modes available of the RSS. Also having the ability to import .xml from Google reader would be a cool feature.
Just one thing:


The program itself rocks, but it would rock even more if you could actually use it FROM WORK ;)

(if you include proxy support, please support proxy authentification too!)
Is it possible to bring up the page of the article/post, like the mac rss visualizer does?
I love this screensaver. It would be nice if you could open the link listed, but more impotantly, it'd be great to get a linux version to use on my EEE.
The program converts capitalized letters in URLs to lowercase. For example the New York Times RSS feeds are case sensitive, and thus do not work with the screensaver:
Very nice program, keep in simple.

Support for multiple screens would be nice.
The code which tries to help users enter the URL only accepts http and doesn't allow a legitimate alternative https.
I get 'Characters are too large or too many. Unable to create font texture.' when i try to setup screen saver on my x32 laptop. It has some ati card which says that it supports opengl :-(. Iam running windows xp sp2 fully patched.

Any idea?
Could it be possible to accept special caracter like ' é à etc ... ? I'm french and I want to use it on french RSSFeed but i get some scrapy caracter thanks for looking if its possible !
i cant use it because im behind a proxy. Need proxy authentication !!!
> Does it support multiple monitors?

I use it together with ultramon and it works perfectly to run this and some other saver on the other screen.

This is going to be great in schools who can then use RSS feeds from their websites to get notices onto PCs when not in use....thats what I'll be using it for in conjunction with the Apple RSS screensaver on our school's macs - keep up the good work!!!
can you make us a customized screensaver (with background image and preseted/not changeable RSS-feed) for the visitors of our web-page? We'll pay for it.
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This site is the home of rsssaver -- the rss screen saver for windows. Currently in open beta, rsssaver will preview RSS feeds from the net and visualize them during your computer's "inactive" time.

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